About Us

The Journey of SuperFly Vodka: Crafting Excellence from Brookings, OR


In the quaint town of Brookings, Oregon, a remarkable story of passion and craftsmanship began in the back of a modest warehouse. It was here, in 2005, that two visionary brothers and their best friend embarked on a quest to create a world-class potato vodka. At a time when Poland was renowned for its premium potato vodka, these three enthusiasts dared to dream big.

With a steadfast commitment to quality and a copper torpedo reflux still, they meticulously refined their process. By 2007, their relentless pursuit of perfection paid off – SuperFly Vodka emerged as a distinguished name, securing second place in the prestigious worldwide Vodka Tasting Competition in San Francisco.

SuperFly Vodka is a testament to the art of small-batch distillation. Every bottle encapsulates the spirit of Brookings – its pristine air and water contributing to the vodka’s unparalleled purity and smoothness. This handcrafted gem is made with the finest ingredients, ensuring each sip delivers a clean, soothing experience that harmoniously complements any cocktail.

At SuperFly, we believe in the exceptional power of potato vodka. Known for its subtle taste and velvety texture, it’s the ideal base for mixed drinks, adeptly enhancing and absorbing flavor profiles. Our vodka doesn’t just elevate cocktails; it transforms them into vibrant, refined, and soothing experiences.

Choosing SuperFly means choosing a drink that not only tastes exquisite but also feels amazing. The purity and quality of our vodka promise a delightful experience during and after your enjoyment. With SuperFly Vodka, you’re not just savoring a drink; you’re embracing a legacy of excellence and a commitment to the best.